Kauai Wedding Photography
Hello! I am an Oahu Photographer who would love to do another wedding on Kauai ! I'm hoping to visit as soon as possible!
Get a 2 hour Kauai Wedding Photography Shoot for $500!
Get a 3 hour wedding Photography shoot for $750!
Get a 4 hour Kauai wedding photography shoot for $999!
ALL SHOOTS include professional photo editing and the HIGH RES. CD turned over to you! I hope to see you in Kauai soon!
View more Hawaii Wedding Photography Galleries online or take a look at my Kauai Wedding Photography Rates too.

To view my most recent shoot, please connect with me on Facebook.. I often post promos and offers on the FB page!
Amanda Bowers, 801 556 3301

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  1. I'm happy to read this blog! I love photographing the emotional dynamics between happy couples or parents and children. I'm honored to be there with my camera, and it's fun! Thanks.. Kauai Photographer